Anti-pigeon gutters
Anti-pigeon cornices and window sills
Anti-pigeon cornices

Filomat is a leading manufacturer of bird scaring systems.The various solutions for scaring away birds, include deterrents and netting,which are specifically designed for the needs of construction companies, tinsmiths, roof manufacturing companies, painters, and companies who specialise in performing high end restoration work.

Removing annoying birds, like pigeons from the buildings, monuments and urban surfaces that birds generally use to perch on is an essential that can be easily be resolved by using Filomat bird scaring products.

The bird deterrentsare manufactured with a polycarbonate base and AISI 304 stainless steel, in various configurations to cover any surface, while the fixing pins are made of stainless steel and copper.

The deterrents are fastened using silicone, screws or rivets; product installation is fast, easy and allows anyone to install an effective bird deterrent system in just a few minutes.

Bird scaring system

For Filomat product specifications, see the catalogue

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